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GoDaddy is the world's largest online domain registrar and web hosting provider serving over 10 million customers.
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VPS, Managed, Shared
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Wordpress Hosting, Forum Hosting, Cheap Hosting
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The Good

Domain management and hosting in the same place. Easy install of popular CMS and E-Commerce platforms through admin portal.

The Bad

News-worthy events that produced hacked blogs and downed servers resulting in lost business and productivity.

The Skinny

With a knack for eye-catching, over-the-top marketing GoDaddy has managed to attract millions of customers to their domain registration service through advertising. With that kind of volume it’s a no-brainer to offer a variety of hosting services to pair with all those lonely domains.


The Nitty Gritty

GoDaddy Hosting Review

Actions speak louder than words, so we should probably lead off by telling you that Web Hosting Preview is proudly hosted on GoDaddy servers. From our experience hosting dozens of websites with GoDaddy nothing beats their easy set-up, quick install and feature-rich control panel…especially at such an affordable price.


GoDaddy and reliability don’t always go hand-in-hand. Don’t get us wrong, for the vast majority of time it’s smooth sailing, but everyone once-in-a-while there’s a bump in the road. We’ve experienced noticeable loss of service for brief periods a couple times over the last few years and of course there was the incident where all of GoDaddy’s hosting servers crashed for a half day.

In terms of security we’ve got no complaints. Hacking of WordPress blogs was a big deal a couple years ago, but since then it seems GoDaddy has gotten there ducks in a row and improved defense against viruses and malware.

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    Jon Smith

    When it comes to name respect in web hosting, GoDaddy is at the top of the list. With a advertising campaign that include catchy Superbowl spots, GoDaddy is a world-leading web hosting company as long as quality plans for business of all sizes. With a viewpoint that everybody from bloggers to Fortune 500 companies should have easy access to a web domain of their choice, GoDaddy has made domain registration the cheapest and easiest available.

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